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Basement Insulation Contractors

Installing basement insulation is a great way to lower heating expenses and save money on utility bills and is a crucial piece of home insulation. It also increases the usable square footage of a home, because a basement that is well-insulated instantly becomes a more comfortable and usable space. Basement insulation will also help to control moisture buildup, pests, and radon permeation in your home. We currently offer basement insulation in Connecticut, Delware, Illinois, Iowa, Michigan & Ohio.. Contact us online to schedule your free no obligation estimate.

Should I Install Basement Insulation in My Home?

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Research shows that basement insulation is particularly beneficial for homeowners in colder climates. For example, one study showed that adding R-10 exterior foam insulation to one’s basement walls resulted in $350 in annual savings in Buffalo, New York, and $400 in annual savings in Minneapolis, Minnesota. With savings like this, basement wall insulation will pay for itself within a matter of years! So if you live in in a state that experiences chilly winters, basement insulation is a great way to save money and increase comfort in your home. If you live in areas with relatively warm summers such as Florida, southern Texas, and southern California, attic insulation is a must, but basement insulation may not be necessary.

Types of Basement Insulation

Basement ceiling insulation and basement wall insulation are common types of residential insulation. There are several basement insulation materials to choose from, including batt and roll insulation, foam bard insulation, concrete block insulation (for new homes), blown insulation, and spray foam insulation (for finished basements). Talk with a certified basement insulation contractor to determine which insulation type is best for your home, budget, and climate. Also discuss the insulation R-value that will offer you and your family the most protection (for basements in the United States, the typical range is from R-5 to R-19).

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Don’t Forget About Moisture Control and Air Sealing

Basement insulation is the first of several steps to ensuring that your home is fully protected from the outdoors. Proper moisture control and air sealing are also extremely important. Basements, in particular, can be a breeding ground for moisture buildup, mildew, and mold growth. And once the moisture begins to expand and infiltrate your basement, it’s hard to stop. So take an early initiative to stop basement moisture growth before it begins.

If your basement feels drafty during the winter and you can literally feel the cold outdoor air seeping in through cracks and openings in your home, you must take the proper air sealing actions. Doing so will lower energy bills, limit moisture control, and create a healthier and safer home. Remember that air sealing and insulation are two separate things. Air sealing reduces air leakage, while insulation reduces heat flow. In order to receive the benefits of both, you must insulate and seal your home.

How to Hire a Basement Insulation Contractor

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Unlike attic insulation – which is generally fairly simple to install – basement insulation requires extensive training and experience. Make sure the basement insulation contractor you hire knows the procedures that must be followed in order for basement insulation to be effective long-term. He or she must consider moisture, insects, and radon exposure before installing basement insulation. To find the best basement insulation contractor in your town, start by asking your co-workers or neighbors for recommendations.

Installing basement insulation is a great way to reduce energy bills, increase comfort, and fully protect your home from the outdoors. To learn more, contact a certified basement insulation contractor today!

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