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We specialize in finding and screening the best home insulation contractors in the business and connecting them with you. Each of the home insulation contractors we work with has agreed to provide free written estimates and inspections. If you would like to receive a free home insulation estimate, call or contact us online today! All of our home insulation contractors are prescreened, licensed and insured. We currently offer home insulation in Connecticut, Delware, Illinois, Iowa, Michigan & Ohio.

Go green. Reduce your carbon footprint. Be more energy efficient. In the past few years, these phrases have become increasingly popular in our society. You can’t turn on the television or go to a store without hearing or seeing an eco-friendly advertisement or reference. And that’s the way it should be if we want a sustainable, safe, and healthy planet.

Unfortunately, twenty-five years ago, very few homes were designed or constructed with energy-efficiency in mind. And yet, millions and millions of homes in the United States were built at least 25 years ago and have had very few or no energy-efficient renovations since. Homes such as these often lack sufficient insulation, which is, in fact, one of the best ways to lower energy bills, reduce your carbon footprint, and increase comfort in your home.

Why Do I Need Home Insulation?

Heat naturally flows from hotter spaces to colder spaces. This means that, during the summer, the outdoor sweltering heat is trying very hard to seep into your home and take over the interior air-conditioned air. And during the winter, when your heated home feels nice and cozy, that heated air will naturally flow to a colder space (i.e. unheated garages, basements, and even outside). This transference of heat is commonly known as heat flow, and it’s one of the main reasons homes require proper air sealing and residential insulation. We currently offer home insulation in Connecticut, Delware, Illinois, Iowa, Michigan & Ohio.

Residential insulation provides a resistance to such heat flow. That is, it prevents a home from losing excessive heat in the winter and gaining excess heat in the summer. As a result, house insulation keeps winter heating bills affordable and makes summer cooling bills no sweat (pun intended)! And by resisting heat flow, house insulation also makes a home more comfortable to live in and decreases the need for constant heating and cooling (because the heated or cooled interior air stays inside where it belongs). Learn all about attic insulation, roof insulation and basement insulation before making a decision.

How Much Home Insulation Do I Need?

Insulation is measured in R-values, or resistance to heat flow. The higher the insulation R-value, the more protected the home will be. Not all insulation materials are the same, however, and that’s why insulation R-value takes into account the material as well as its density and thickness.

Fiberglass, rigid foam, rock wool, and slag wool are common types of house insulation materials that act as a solid, protective base. Spray foam insulation and blown insulation are often used in addition to these existing materials in order to fully cover hard-to-reach areas and ensure sufficient resistance to heat flow. Ask your insulation contractor which type(s) of residential insulation materials best suits your home, climate, and budget.